Withdrawing cash

Withdrawing cash using your PIN

You can withdraw cash worldwide using your credit card and PIN at any ATM displaying the Visa or Mastercard logo.

Maximum amount per day for cash withdrawals

  • With a the ABN AMRO Credit Card, you can withdraw up to €2,000 per day.
  • With a ABN AMRO Gold Card, you can withdraw up to €3,000 per day.
  • If you’ve had your card for less than three months, there is a temporary withdrawal limit of €1,250 per day for the ABN AMRO Credit Card. If you've got an ABN AMRO Gold Card your withdrawal limit is €1,750 per day.

Tip for ATMs with a lower maximum

ATMs often have a lower daily maximum withdrawal limit. If you want to withdraw the maximum amount on your card, visit more than one ATM. You can withdraw cash from more than one ATM on the same day.

The cost of withdrawing cash with your credit card

You pay 4% on the amount you withdraw with a ABN AMRO Credit Card. This rate applies both in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world.

If you would like to make cash withdrawals with your credit card regularly, put extra money in your account. If you have a Visa Card and a positive balance, it is free to withdrawal cash. If you have a Mastercard Card you pay 4%, with a minimum of € 4,50.

If your card isn’t a ABN AMRO Credit Card, you can find the rates in Creditcard Online.

Can’t withdraw cash?
See these possible solutions.

Making payments abroad: exchange rates and currency conversion fees

If you make a payment or withdraw cash outside Europe, we convert the amount into euros. We use the exchange rate that Visa and Mastercard also use. This rate changes every day. In addition, you pay a currency conversion fee. The currency conversion fee is 2%.

You can find the rates you pay on your monthly statement.